What are Webhooks?

Webhooks allow you to automatically send information about events happening in Ruler Analytics to a destination of your choice.

For example, you could configure a Webhook to add a new row to a Google Sheet every time Ruler Analytics registers a new form conversion.

Choosing a Webhook Provider

You can send Webhook data to any number of platforms using intermediary software with Webhook functionality.

Some popular examples of intermediary software include Zapier, Postman, and Integrately.

Once you have received data in one of these platforms, you can forward it to other tools like Google Sheets, your CRM, or ad platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads.

What Types of Event Can I Subscribe To?

Ruler Analytics supports four main event types you can subscribe to:

  • Form Conversions
  • Call Conversions
  • Opportunities
  • Revenue

Each event type comes with a unique payload comprising different fields with useful data. You can browse sample payloads for each event via the navigation menu.

Webhook Troubleshooting

Here are some common challenges with Webhooks and some suggested solutions:

  • When pasting URLs into text fields, some characters can be inadvertently added or modified. Double-check the URL you’re using for errors.
  • Webhooks respond to specific events in Ruler Analytics. If you think a Webhook hasn’t been triggered, double check the event has appeared in your Ruler app first. Also, please remember that there might be a slight delay before events are fully processed in Ruler Analytics.

If you are experiencing persistent problems with Webhooks in Ruler Analytics, please emailsupport@ruleranalytics.com